Acram Digital
Based in Warsaw, Poland

Release date:
June 26th, 2018

Steam (Win/Mac/Linux)
Apple App Store
Google Play
Nintendo Switch


Regular Price:

Play Store$6.99
App Store$6.99
Nintendo Switch$19.99


Can you be the first merchant to collect a certain number of rubies? Run, collect and trade goods across the bazaar. Take control over your assistants. Increase your wheelbarrow capacity. Acquire special abilities to increase advantage over competitors. Buy rubies or trade goods for them.


In Istanbul, you lead a group of one merchant and four assistants through 16 locations in the bazaar. At each such location, you can carry out a specific action. The challenge, though, is that to take an action, you must move your merchant and an assistant there, then leave the assistant behind (to handle all the details while you focus on larger matters). If you want to use that assistant again later, your merchant must return to that location to pick him up. Thus, you must plan ahead carefully to avoid being left with no assistants and thus unable to do anything…


  • official Istanbul game
  • great artwork
  • ingame interactive tutorial
  • languages: English, German, Dutch, Polish, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Simplified
  • play with AI, with friends or both
  • pass and play mode
  • crossplatform online multiplayer with synchronous and asynchronous modes
  • opponents' last moves replay
  • 3 levels of difficulty AIs with individual strategies
  • pre set or random generated game boards
  • climate sounds and music
  • official rules
  • unique, original board game feel on your electronic device
  • colorblind mode
  • over 70 achievements


Story trailer YouTube

Gameplay trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (19MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "2018 Golden Geek Best Board Game App Nominee"
  • "2015 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Best Expert Game Nominee"
  • "2014 Swiss Gamers Award Winner"
  • "2014 Meeples' Choice Nominee"
  • "2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner"
  • "2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres Nominee"
  • "2014 International Gamers Award - General Strategy: Multi-player Nominee"
  • "2014 Hra roku Nominee"
  • "2014 Gouden Ludo Winner"
  • "2014 Gouden Ludo Nominee"
  • "2014 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Nominee"
  • "2014 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee"
  • "2014 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee"

Selected Articles

  • "Not only is the app gorgeous, using the game’s already beautiful art, but the UI is easy to use and might be the most user friendly board game ever created from 1s and 0s."
    - David Neumann, Statelyplay
  • "Istanbul is already a top game. (…) It’s pure planning, with plenty of replayability."
    - Alex Walker, Kotaku
  • "The developers have done a fine job and produced one of the best digital board games on the market."
    - Matt Skidmore, Pocket Tactics
  • "The artwork in the app (…) is gorgeous. The UI is very simple, clear and easy to read."
    - whovian223, Dude Take Your Turn Blog

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We provide the best digitized board games. We are focused on porting board games to digital platforms. You can play them on tablets, smartphones, PCs using iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

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Istanbul Credits

Rüdiger Dorn
Board Game Designer

Gregory Kubas

Andrew Awramiuk

Przemysław Perkowski
Project Manager, Lead Programmer, UX Designer

Piotr Juszyński
AI Programmer, UX Designer

Piotr Janowiak

Joanna Kasztelańska
2D Artist, UI Designer

Krzysztof Michalak
UI/UX Designer, 2D Artist

Maria Szabłowska
Graphic Designer, 2D Animator, 2D Artist

Antoni Ratusiński
Community Manager, Marketing, PR

Paweł Pietruszewski
Music and effects

Miłosz Markiewicz
Music and effects

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