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May 5, 2022
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Patch 1.2.7 changelog is here!

Since the release of Aegyptus, Creta, and Cyprus for Season Pass players we improved our game and fixed a lot of errors reported by the Feedback system and much more. These are the changes:
[Feature] The zoom of the camera should be working more smoothly.
[Feature] Animation while Colonist enters the path where multiple Colonists can be placed has been updated.
[Fix] The IOS crashes have been fixed!
[Fix] Titus Valerius Tile has been corrected.
[Fix] Camera in 2D mode has been upgraded.
[Fix] Camera in 3D mode has been upgraded.
[Fix] Interaction between Claudia Agrippina Tile and storage space has been fixed.
[Fix] Appius Arcadius no longer grants additional points in the Mars scoring category.
[Fix] Curcus Arcadius Tile has been fixed.
[Fix] Fixed a bug with highlighting colonists.
[Fix] Fixed a bug causing the cursor to “stick to the screen”.
[Fix] Added notification that in case of choosing a resource while storage is full, the action cannot be undone.
[Fix] Undoing the Prefect action has been corrected.
[Fix] Title of the window after playing the Consul Card has been changed.
[Fix] After playing Minus Denarius Tile the storage refreshes correctly.
[Fix] Fixed bug causing 3d Colonist to enter the path already occupied by another Colonist.
[Fix] Fixed bug causing Titus Valerius Tile to disallow the exchange of Goods.
[Fix] Julius Tile has been fixed.
[Beta] Fixed bug causing the game to crash while playing Aegyptus + Tiles + Salt from Salsa DLC.
[Beta] Fixed bug allowing sea colonists to be placed on land in Creta Map.
[Beta] Fixed a bug with Franicincense and Prefect Card.
[Beta] Special province on Creta Map has been upgraded.
[Beta] Fixed bug causing Trading Post category to not display on Score Screen.

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