Charterstone: Digital Edition ver. 1.1.7 is live – Acram Digital
Charterstone: Digital Edition is out on Nintendo Switch and GoG
October 6, 2020
All you need for the Digital Tabletop Fest
October 22, 2020
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Patch ver 1.1.7 is live on all platforms!

Version 1.1.8, fixing more issues on Nintendo Switch, is already on the way.

Here’s the full list of 1.1.7 changes:

  • [Change] We updated the Privacy Policy to include Acram Digital Sp. z o.o. – which wile legally distinct is the exact same team. We’re just streamlining things – legally speaking.
  • [Fix] On some screen resolutions, the cards shown during crate opening were smaller than they were supposed to be.
  • [Fix] Fixed the issue that caused the game to freeze due to crate being opened at the beginning of the game.
  • Fix] Loyal/Rebel personas chosen in game 11 were active straight up – this was fixed.
  • [Fix] Game can no longer freeze during online play if we’re the last human player in the room.
  • [Switch] Sliders now react to the left analogue stick, not the right one.
  • [Switch] A fix to the Personas screen button highlighting when one of the players doesn’t have a Persona (then the tab couldn’t have been changed).
  • [Switch] “A” symbol will no longer remain on Cards.
  • [Switch] Added game log to main menu. [Switch] Adjustments to the interface scale.
  • [Switch] Removed keyboard shortcuts from the options menu and rulebook.
  • [Switch] After opening a saved games window, the list starts at the top.
  • [Switch] Adjusted controls during Crate opening (previously we couldn’t scroll the contents of a Crate if the text was too long).

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