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January 1, 2018
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February 22, 2018
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“Hustle and bustle in the bazaar district of Istanbul: merchants and their assistants are hurrying through the narrow alleys attempting to be more successful than their competitors. Good organization is key: wheelbarrows have to be filled with goods at the warehouses and then swiftly transported by the assistants to the various destinations. The goal of the merchants is to be the first to collect a certain amount of rubies.”

We are proud to announce that the award-winning board game Istanbul is about to step into the magical world of video games and it’s currently in development on PC/Mac/Linux, Android and iOS systems. The usual day in this city will start just like every other one, but thanks to mobile platforms and the online game mode, you can live the life of the merchant wherever you go in real life, regardless where your friends may be at the moment!

Main features of the game:
– official, digital version of Istanbul board game
– optimized for PC, smartphones and tablets
– play with AI, with friends or both
– pass and play mode
– online multiplayer with asynchronous mode option
– modular board
– official rules plus extra additions
– unique, original board game feel on your electronic device

Awards & honors of original board game:
2015 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Best Expert Game Nominee
2014 Swiss Gamers Award Winner
2014 Meeples’ Choice Nominee
2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner
2014 International Gamers Award – General Strategy: Multi-player Nominee
2014 Hra roku Nominee
2014 Gouden Ludo Winner
2014 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Nominee
2014 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee
2014 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee

Basic rules of the game:
“You are leading a merchant and four assistants through the 16 Places of the bazaar. At each Place, you can carry out a specific action. The challenge is that, to carry out an action at any of those Places, your merchant needs the help of an assistant and has to leave him behind. To use that assistant again later, your merchant has to come back to that Place and pick him up. So plan ahead carefully to avoid being left with no assistants and thus unable to do anything …”

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