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December 22, 2021
Concordia: Digital Edition – Salsa DLC is out!
January 27, 2022
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Next week, Salsa DLC is leaving beta and hits the shelves on iOS, Android, Steam, and GOG!

Salsa is the first of three big DLCs that will be released for Concordia: Digital Edition. It is also among the most known and beloved expansions to the tabletop Concordia!

Salsa introduces two modules – Salt trading good, and Forum mechanic, and two more additional mapsHispania and Byzantium!

Salt is a new kind of trading good that can not be bought or sold – it can only be acquired from Salt producing cities. It’s also the most valuable of all the trading goods, as it can serve as any other good for the purposes of house construction or points scoring!

Forum is a mechanic bringing a whole new set of Forum Cards, where you get patricians and regular citizens to help you throughout the game. The bonuses they provide are either a one-time use powerful ability or an ongoing change to core game mechanics.

Hispania & Byzantium are the two maps that come with the Salsa DLC. They don’t bring any new mechanics by themselves, but the different layout in itself will significantly impact the gameplay and the tactics.

Salsa DLC has been in beta testing for a while now – both by the dedicated beta testers as well as the Season Pass owners who chose to try and err the beta content.

And if you’re excited about trying content early – you still can! The Season Pass owners, regardless of platform, can always opt in and out of the beta content and try the DLCs mechanics and maps a bit ahead of time!

Add Salsa to your Steam wishlist!

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