Eight-Minute Empire: Complete Edition out on Nintendo Switch! 15% launch discount! – Acram Digital
Eight-Minute Empire August 2019 Update – Online Play Overhaul Good news!
August 21, 2019
Eight-Minute Empire temporarily removed from the European eShop
August 30, 2019
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Conquer the land and the sea, expand your territory and outsmart your opponents. And all of this in under eight minutes!


This fast-paced area of control strategic board game adaptation, originally designed by Ryan Laukat, has finally arrived at the hottest handheld console!

Eight-Minute Empire is a perfect strategy game for a mobile platform. It supports full cross-platform online multiplayer. It doesn’t matter if your opponents are on a phone, tablet or a PC, or even another Nintendo Switch! Face them and conquer them in Eight-Minute Empire!

Complete Edition consists of the base game and all of the DLC content available – 4 additional maps and the Mountains DLC, which introduced new (optional) mechanic of mountain regions, while additional maps provide their unique twists!

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