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December 5, 2018
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December 21, 2018
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Ladies and gentlemen, nerds and nerdettes, we are pleased to announce, that the Winter Sales are coming soon! Up to 60% off!

All of our products, all of the platforms, including the DLCs, are going to be cheaper during this winter holiday season. The promotions last from the 20th of December (10 am PST) until the 3rd of January (10 am PST). Celebration!

The discounted products are as follows: 

  • Istanbul: Digital Edition – 30% off. 
  • Steam: Rails to Riches – 20% off (including DLCs)
  • Eight-Minute Empire – 20% off (including DLCs). That stacks with Emperor’s Edition current 25% off by the by.
  • Istanbul goes down to $4.99 (from $6.99)
  • Steam: Rails to Riches goes down to $2.99 (from $4.99)
  • SRtR’s map pack goes down to $2.99 (from $5.99)
  • Single map goes down to $0.99 (from $2.99)
  • Eight-Minute Empire goes down to $1.99 (from $4.99)
  • 8ME map pack goes down to $2.99 (from $4.99)
  • Single maps go down to $0.99 (from $1.99)

Happy holidays 🙂

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