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November 25, 2020
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December 21, 2020
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for our second not-so-annual official online tournament of Istanbul: Digital Edition!

Prepare your wheelbarrows and count your goods, the merchants are about to hit the market. There are prizes to be won, and the renown of the best of all the merchants to be claimed.

We here at Acram Digital, the developer and publisher of Istanbul: Digital Edition, would like to cordially invite any and all interested to the online tournament of Istanbul: Digital Edition. Everyone is invited, whether you’ve never played Istanbul before or are a veteran with more hours played than the hours awake, the goal is to have fun. There will, however, be prizes…

The prize pool includes physical copies of Istanbul board game, provided by Pegasus Spiele, including the Big Box (containing the base game and the expansions), as well as codes for our digital games for the platform of your choosing. But the renown is more important, let’s be frank.  What are you waiting for? Sign up!

In order to sign up you need to fill out this form.

Once we have all the submissions, you will be divided into tables. Each table will have a week to finish their game. Once the results are in, the two best players from each table will be matched with the other best players, so on and so forth. Those not-so-lucky will be matched against each other to fight for the consolation prize and a metaphorical banana sticker. Unless we convince prize providers to include the actual banana stickers. Then it would be the real deal…

Now, full disclaimer, we simply do not know what can we expect in terms of attendance. Thus, we will wait with the full description of the format until the submissions are in and we know where we stand. Do bare in mind though, our primary, secondary and tertiary goals are to make something fun. We want you, the players, to play some games, have a laugh, get the community closer together.

Here, have some useful links:

Sign-up form.

Tournament rules and guidelines. 

The official Istanbul: DE discord.

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