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Istanbul: Digital Edition has been released!
June 27, 2018
Nintendo Switch to join our list of supported platforms!
October 29, 2018
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As of right now Istanbul: Digital Edition is available here on Steam and for the first week, so 18th – 25th October, it’s at a 10% discount. Is this not great? We think it’s pretty great.

To celebrate the release and to make it easier for everyone to find new opponents, we have launched a dedicated Discord channel for Istanbul: Digital Edition. You can join here:

Istanbul, for those who don’t know, is a game where you become a merchant in a bustling city of, well, Istanbul. Your goal – acquire a set amount of Rubies in order to win a game. To do that, you need to manage yourself – a merchant, and your assistants, who are crucial for the player to take any actions. Merchants are the brains behind the entire operation, but you also need grunts to do deal with the details of the transaction after all. The players will acquire goods that they can trade for rubies, use as bribes or sell for coin. They can upgrade their cart to carry more goods at a time or even free their mischievous relative from jail, to then use them as a free agent. Finally, a player can decide they feel lucky and try their hand at gambling for goods.

This is a fantastic game for all of you board game fans who wish to play easily on your PC, Mac or Linux. And if you like it, it’s also available on iOS and Android mobile devices! With a full cross platform support it doesn’t matter what system or device you and your friends are using, you will still be able to play a game together no matter what!  

We here at Mobo Studio sincerely hope you will enjoy Istanbul: Digital Edition as much as we do. It is a product of passion after all, and we sincerely believe it shows.

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