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Concordia is now available in the Japanese language!
March 31, 2022
Creta and Cyprus Maps are available for all Season Pass owners and more in patch 1.2.5!
April 26, 2022
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Aegyptus map is available for all Season Pass users!

We are happy to announce that as of the beginning of April all Season Pass users can enjoy a brand, new map – Aegyptus from Aegyptus & Creta of upcoming DLC! All you have to do is enable beta content in the settings window and the map will be available for you! 🙂

Aegyptus is a map that adds variety and new challenges to the game:

Aegyptus is a 22 City, 10 Province map that introduces trade routes that may be occupied by more than one Colonist, a flood mechanic that increases food yields, and additional trade for frankincense and gold.

Take this golden opportunity to beat new challenges in Concordia today! 


What is Season Pass?

Concordia: Digital Edition – Season Pass will grant you day 1 access to every bit of DLC and/or additional maps to be released – which is to say all of the official expansions released for the tabletop Concordia – at the discount!

DLCs included in the Season Pass

Salsa – This expansion contains two additional maps – Byzantium and Hispania – and a new trading good – Salt, and a new Forum mechanic.

Fish Market – This expansion contains two additional maps – Balearica and Cyprus – and the Fish Market module.

Venus – This expansion contains two additional maps – Ionium and Hellas – and a new team game mode.

Aegyptus et Creta – This expansion contains two additional maps – Aegyptus and Creta – each with its own twist and unique mechanic.

Corsica and Gallia – This expansion contains two additional maps – Corsica and Gallia – each with its own twist and unique mechanic.

Britannia & Germania – This expansion contains two additional maps – Britannia and Germania – each with its own twist and unique mechanic.


Patch 1.2.4 changelog is here!

We fixed a lot of bugs reported by you – our players in patch 1.2.3! For example, the slow-playing AI problem or some spelling errors have been resolved. 🙂 But there is more, you can see the full list below:
[Beta] Final map graphics for the map selection screen has been added.
[Beta] Aegyptus map has been released on Beta
[Localization] Spelling errors fixed.
[Localization] God’s names are translated to Japanese in the Personal Score tab.
[Localization] God’s names are translated to Japanese on Cards.
[Localization] Japanese texts in the Corsica map has been fixed
[Localization] Missin icon in Prefect Card has been added.
[Fix] Reported by you AI slow playing has been fixed
[Fix] Illustration error while playing the Diplomat Card has been fixed
[Fix] Unintentional leaving menu during tutorial on the pad has been fixed.
[Fix] Pad focus errors while opening the pause menu by mouse has been fixed.
[Fix] Choosing the Province in the tutorial has been fixed.
[Fix] Colonizator no longer can play over-limit Colonists
[Fix] The bug causing the game to crash after purchasing a Colonist has been fixed
[Fix] AI Colonist move animation has been fixed
[Fix] Controller errors have been fixed
[Fix] Card list in Rulebook fixed.
[Fix] Missing text in the Personal Score tab has been fixed.
[Fix] Scroll location while opening Forum Tab has been fixed.
[Fix] Minerva points are no longer minimized after opening the Detailed Score tab.
[Fix] Fixed bug in which details of both Card and Forum Card have been displayed at the same time.
[Fix] AI no longer crashes the game after completing the trade.
[Fix] Added animation of recruiting additional Colonists in case of multiple Colonists on the same route.
[Fix] Map description in case of unreleased maps has been changed for players which bought Season Pass.
[Fix] Fixed the highlight for Forum Card discard and draw piles.

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