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May 5, 2021
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June 10, 2021
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Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to make your mark on the game!

You have a chance, right here and now, to influence the way Concordia: Digital Edition will look as the end product. It’s not about a single icon or UI minuta (important as they are) – this is about the way the entire map will be presented.




Allow me to explain. Even though our initial plans were to go as we did with most of our previous titles – a minimalistic approach of a top-down view of the livened version of the tabletop map. A subtle animation here or there, but nothing too distracting – basically the same approach we used with Eight-Minute Empire. A perfectly serviceable, suitable and “enough” approach.

But then we thought “why stop there?” So after a fair few discussions, design meetings and a ton of work from our graphics department and programmers alike we came up with a new way to present the game. It’s still the same Concordia, but with a much more modern feel, designed in a way that both emulates you – the player, sitting at an actual table and viewing the game from an angle – as you would when playing with friends on a Saturday evening (ah , remember those times?) and that makes the classic PC grand strategy gamers feel right at home.

But then we thought again: “what if the actual future players don’t like the new look, though? What if they pefer the more simple top-down approach?”

And so here we are. If you head to our community group page you’ll find a post there where you’re cordially invited to vote on your preferred future look of the game – and equally importantly – to tell us why you prefer one over the other.

Vote now!

Feedback and input like these are crucial in us getting better and better with every release, and delivering digital adaptations that better suit your wants and needs!

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