Istanbul: Digital Edition got nominated for Golden Geek awards! Now let’s get it to win! – Acram Digital
Istanbul: Digital Edition on Nintendo Switch available for purchase on the 28th of March!
March 20, 2019
The first ever Istanbul: Digital Edition Online Tournament is officially over!
March 23, 2019
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Thanks to all who voted, and thanks to all who play! Thank you, to all of you who ever said a kind word about Istanbul: Digital Edition online. You’re all equally responsible for this nomination and, again, we thank you.

Now, the Golden Geek is not over yet, however. You can (if you can) still vote for Istanbul: Digital Edition to actually receive the award for Best Board Game App.

Do bare in mind only certain active (or paying users) of Board Game Geek can actually vote, and we understand if you’re not one of these. It’s fine! Just spread the word! Rate the game on whichever platform you have it on! Tell your neighbors, tell your mailman! Every little bit helps 🙂

BGG Nominations
And the voting system itself!

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